Primary school children in England are already some of the most tested in the world.

But our testing system exists to produce data about schools – this kind of assessment is not designed to help children learn.

Instead, it results in stress and anxiety in children, encourages ‘teaching to the test’, and provides little useful information to parents.

It narrows the curriculum, and distracts teachers from doing their job: teaching.

More Than A Score is a coalition of parents, teachers, heads and education experts, working together to call for change in the Government’s over-testing regime.

We’re calling for the
Government to:

  • Cancel plans to roll out tests for four-year-olds (Baseline Assessment).
  • Bring forward plans to scrap failed Year 2 SATs
  • Scrap Year 6 SATs
  • Commission an independent and expert review to produce recommendations for primary school assessments that are fit for purpose

How should schools be held to account?

Schools should be held accountable to children, parents, communities and Government. But the current system is not fit for purpose, because the information from SATs is not credible.

Ranking schools based on SATs results is misleading – it doesn’t paint a full or true picture of the quality of education a school provides.

Monitoring standards by using representative samples will allow the Government of the day to better understand the impact of teacher training, curriculum national policy and external factors on the quality of education.

See our evidence section for more on what’s wrong with SATs and what we could replace them with.

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