More than a Score Response

More than a Score is a coalition of parents and educators who want to see an alternative to England’s present system of primary assessment , which damages children’s learning and narrows their experience of education.
Madeleine Holt, representing More Than a Score, said:

Justine Greening hopes that this statement will secure the long-term future of its primary assessment system. It will do no such thing. The statement does not answer the concerns of parents and teachers about the damage done by high-stakes testing and teaching to the test. Rather than reduce the burden of assessment, it adds more tests.
At Key Stage 1, the DFE says that SATs will continue until at least 2022. Key Stage 2 SATs, including the grammar test, will continue into the distant future. A new test will be introduced for Year 4 children – a multiplication check. Reception age children will face baseline assessment – a test which has already been tried twice by policy-makers, and failed each time.
We need sweeping change in our primary schools, not more of the same. It is desperately sad for our children that this is the best that the Secretary of State can offer them – a primary education dominated by testing and obsessed by measuring, that struggles to find a place for the broad and rich curriculum that children really need. In place of a bold vision, the government is making another effort to repair a system which is clearly broken and irreparable, and should be replaced.

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